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    Let scalp be free, SCALFREE!22. Feb. 2023Bio-Beauty SolutionSince 1993 HansPharma Bio R&D center is a corporate affiliation research center under Korea Industrial Technology Association which provides development of up-to-date cosmeceuticals and biomaterials, regenerative medicine and hair loss DNA test. Based on technology of stem cell differenciation and nano formulation, we provide total solution for up-to-date biomaterials and cosmeceuticals. Based on DNA test, cell culture and bio formulation techonology by HansPharma Bio R&D center, product is developed.Now, we introduce new klardie product which is self-developed through those process.Scalp-repair Cellup Ampoule 15ml x 2eaOur skin is easily being dry during winter season due to cold weather and heater. A scalp, a kind of our skin can't avoid it as well. Cold and dry air stimulate our scalp and it creates dead skin cells, dandruff, sebum. By constricting the blood vessels, lack of hydration and nutrition supply of scalp causes hair loss. Especially a scalp of male has more sebaceous glands, active sebum secretion and easily be sensative from external stimulus compared to female. So, they need intensive care for men. You need to frequently use home care product to manage your scalp like we do for face care.  3 step for scalp care by klardie.01. Scalp strengtheningUSF71™ containing 71 kinds of multi-growth factors helps to improve fundamental scalp problems.02. Scalp hydrationEctoin, a stress-protective molecule that survies in extreme dry helps to improve scalp hydration by forming a strong moisturizing layer. 03. Scalp NutritionOptimized ScalpFree-05™ for healthy scalp and hair condition helps improvement of scalp elasticity and anti-oxidant effect by supplying enriched nutrients. Do you want to be free from your sensitive scalp condition?Keep your scalp healty with daily scalp care by scalp repair cellup ampoule. Let scalp be free, SCALFREE ™  
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    Launched klardie authenticity verification APP7. Aug. 2022 We launched anthenticity verification APP to provide you reliable products.The security labels are applied in the packages of all of klardie's products.Download "klardie" from Google playstore or Appstore and try it!· Android Download· iOS DownloadAwake Your Skin Radiance, klardie
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    The begining of premium anti-aging Launched NEW Timeless Cellup line 08. Sep. 2022klardie suggests you Cell-Upgrade solution.Turn back the time of your skin with anti-aging energy of Timeless Cellup care.✨ Timeless Cellup Balancing Water 130mlCellup complex™ formula with USF 71™ and peptides replenishes moisture and nutrition to irritated skin. ✨Timeless Cellup White Ampoule 30 Days 1.5ml x 3030 Days rejuvenation program ampoule with Cellup complex™ formula to solve overall skin concerns. ✨Timeless Cellup Serum30mlCellUp Complex™ and nutritious cholesterol capsules make dull skin clear and brightened.✨Timeless Cellup Cream50mlMulti-cream for intensive care with CellUp Complex™ to enhance skin core elasticity. Awake Your Skin Radiance, klardie