Bio-Beauty Solution

Bio meets Beauty. Since 1993.

Synergy of USF71™ Core formulation and InnerCell™ Nano technology by the one and only Stem Cell Technology of HansPharma creates the utmost skin radiance.
Based on a matchless technology of BIO R&D Center and belief of klardie,
we provide all of beauty solution from skincare to professional device in your lifetime.


USF 71™

USF 71™ is a patented Stem Cell Conditioned Media by HansPharma researcher’s know-how and it is the core ingredient of Cell Up care suggested by klardie.

It contains over 71 growth factor complex to awake your skin energy and show up skin glow.


InnerCell™ Technology

We focus on Nano Technology Formula based on dermatological approach to make the active ingredients be effectively transferred to skin.

InnerCell™ Technology vitalizes deep inside of skin by increasing the absorption rate with synergy of our own ingredients and the multilayering capsule which is similar to ECM structure in the skin.